Superprisons in Canada: What They Are, How To Stop Them is a zine written by members of EPIC in March 2010, outlining a proposed strategy for resisting the expansion of the Canadian prison-industrial complex in Canada.

This pamphlet touches on a few specific issues relating to the ongoing Conservative revolution in prisons and policing, and tries to strategically show a few points of intervention for people who want to resist this expansion. Most of our research has focused on the internal plan to construct new super-prisons, but related issues such as the closing of the prison farms, the backdoor privatization of the prison system, and the introduction of draconian amendments to the Criminal Code are all elements of the Conservative transformation in its vulnerable and weak introductory phase, which could be resisted simultaneously in order to disrupt this current process. The strong link between the ousted Mike Harris regime in Ontario, and the key players in the Corrections transformation sheds light on what we might expect in the next year. Drawing on the experiences of the anti-Harris movement could provide insight into effective tactics and strategies with which to resist and ultimately defeat the current government and any future governments determined to implement such policies.

Download it for printing by clicking here, or for reading by clicking here.

Image Credit: Eric Drooker (edited)


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