PJD 2012 Schedule!

Prisoner’s Justice Day 2012 Schedule
Kingston, Ontario

***Updated August 7th, 2012***

Thursday, August 9th

Welcome Dinner and Social, AKA, 75 Queen St. Unit 1.
5-9pm Free dinner (ongoing as folks arrive) & hang out
7-8pm Justice for Levi Presentation: http://justiceforlevi.org/

*Alternatively: The Save Our Prison Farms campaign is organizing a vigil at Collins Bay from 7-8pm to commemorate the second anniversary of the prison farms blockade*

Early to bed!

Friday, August 10th

5am sharp Free coffee & snacks @ The Sleepless Goat, 91 Princess St.
5:30am Rides leave from the Goat
5:45am Meet up and gather near Collins Bay Penitentiary (location TBA)
6:00am March on Collins Bay and take over the entrance!

1:00pm Free Lunch at City Park provided by Food Not Bombs

8pm/dusk Noise demonstration (location TBA)

*Please bring food and water for yourself for the day on Friday.

*On August 10th, you can reach a contact person if you need info or get
separated! Call our action phone: 613-893-5327

*Write down our legal support number! 613-328-1851

*Keep in touch during the day by subscribing your cellphone to twitter. Follow @endthepic or #pjd2012


PJD 2012 Billets!

ATTN: Local EPIC Friends and Allies!

We need places for out-of-towners to stay during Prisoners Justice Day events in Kingston, August 9-10. If you have space, please let us know ASAP at epic [at] riseup [dot] net with “Offering Billets” in the subject line.

Hosting folks in your house for a night or two is an excellent way to meet new activists and new friends, and expand your personal and political networks. We anticipate activists from all over southern Ontario and parts of Quebec needing places to lay their heads. Spare rooms are grand, but so are couches or spots where folks can unroll a sleeping bag. Please consider letting someone share the roof and/or your backyard (for camping) during Prisoners Justice Day events in Kingston!

If you have any reason to believe that your house contains bed bugs, please be upfront either with us or with your billeters.

If you can lend general support (such as providing childcare or offering transporation) to this action, but for whatever reason cannot participate directly, let us know!

ATTN: Out-of-Towners!

We know some of you might be seeking places to stay in Kingston during Prisoners Justice Day events, August 9-10. If you need help finding a homestay, please let us know ASAP at epic [at] riseup [dot] net

On the evening of Thursday, August 9th, we’ll be having a bbq with guest speakers. On Friday, August 10th, we will be meeting at 5am at the Sleepless Goat, where we will have breakfast and arrange for rides to Collins Bay. There are other tentative activities happening, so please check our website for up-to-date information, https://endthepic.wordpress.com

Please also inform us of anything you think we’d need to know in order to appropriately match you with a place to stay.

What are your access needs?
Do you need childcare on August 10th?
Do you have any allergies you want us to consider?
Are you comfortable staying alone, or are you traveling with someone that you absolutely must stay with? Etc.

We cannot guarantee space, but we will do our absolute best to help everyone find places that meet their specific needs.

If you have any reason to believe that you may travel with bed bugs, please be upfront either with us or with your homestay.



August 10th is Prisoners’ Justice Day, a day in remembrance of all of those who have died at the hands of the prison system. Prisoners fast and refuse work on this day, while outside the walls organizations and individuals demonstrate in solidarity. We want a world without prisons, and will resist their expansion any day of the year, but it would be especially offensive to see cranes, trucks, and workers expanding the prison on August 10th while prisoners are on strike inside.

We invite you to join us early in the morning on August 10th to shut down construction at Collins Bay Penitentiary in honour of Prisoners’ Justice Day. This will also mark the two-year anniversary of the Prison Farms blockade at the same location, a historic mobilization for Kingston.

If you don’t live in Kingston and want to come, or if you do live in Kingston and can offer billeting, get in contact with us and we will co-ordinate lodgings with you. Our email is epic [at] riseup [dot] net

Keep your eye on https://endthepic.wordpress.com/pjd for updates.

Please circulate widely – see you August 10th!


August 10th: Come to Kingston this Prisoners’ Justice Day!

Come to Kingston this Prisoners’ Justice Day!

PJD is an international day to remember those who have died in prisons, during which prisoners around the world refuse work and food.

Kingston has long been the centre of the prison industrial complex in so-called Canada. As the government continues to push forward an agenda of prison expansion following the passage of Bill C-10, construction is already underway on new units at Collins Bay, Millhaven, and Bath Institutions.

This August 10th, join us in Kingston to mark PJD.

Stay tuned for more information at http://www.endthepic.wordpress.com/pjd

Open Letter to NORR Limited

Below is the text from an open letter posted today on the front door of NORR Limited, an architectural firm designing and profiting from new prisons in Kingston and Windsor, during our march against prison construction.

To the architects and owners of NORR,
Including Jonathan Hughes, David Ariss, and David Jefferies.

The majority of Kingstonians have clearly rejected the Conservative government’s so-called “Law and Order” agenda of prison construction. This agenda means the criminalization of communities of colour, immigrants, queer folks, drug users, and poor people. At the same time, public monies will be funneled into the private hands of the prison industrial complex.

The Conservative government is carrying out major construction of prisons even as crime rates continue to fall. They are taking money that should be available to address social problems, and instead making those very problems worse. Many of those affected will be here in Kingston, especially prisoners after they are released.

Last year thousands of people participated in a campaign to keep the prison farms open and to stall the Conservative agenda, and they are still paying attention. The building you’ve designed is the leading edge of new prison construction on that site, and people aren’t going to let this criminal agenda proceed without a fight.

We call on you to show the people of Kingston where you stand. We call on you to issue a public statement declaring that you will not take on any more prison construction work.

On the other hand, if you prefer to make profit even when it harms your community, then we will make sure the people of Kingston know it.

And we will be back.

End the Prison Industrial Complex!



NORR manager David Jefferies (left) and another NORR designer (right) emerged from the office and tried to explain to the crowd that they bear no responsibility for prison construction. We reject their rationalization and demand that NORR publicly announce that the company will not bid on future prison construction contracts. Photo credit: @OccupyYGK

November 2nd: March Against Prison Construction


WHERE: Occupy Kingston, Confederation Park (map)

WHEN: Wednesday, Nov 2nd, gather at 2:30 for a 3:00 march

WHAT: The Correctional Service of Canada is spending $1.7 billion dollars of our money to build new prisons across Canada to accommodate the anticipated boom in prisoner population that will inevitably result from the Conservative government’s massive crime bill. Despite the fact that even Republicans in Texas and California have acknowledged imprisoning people and building new prisons does not reduce crime, but does bankrupt the State, the Conservatives continue to pursue their agenda of imprisoning the poor at any cost.

HOW: The decision to build more prisons, despite dropping crime rates, is made by real people and implemented by real companies. The public should know who these people and companies are, and make them accountable. Bring banners and noise makers for a march against prison construction!

Resist Prison Construction! Teach-in and Demonstration at #occupykingston

Resist Prison Construction!
EPIC Teach-in and Demonstration
at #occupykingston
Monday, October 24th at 11am
Meet at (occupied) Confederation Basin, 216 Ontario St across from City Hall

Join members of End the Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC) at Confederation Basin, at the site of #occupykingston, for a teach-in and demonstration against prison construction in Kingston. Members of EPIC will be sharing our new research on prison construction in Canada, exposing who is profiting from these developments, and proposing strategy for effectively resisting the expansion of the prison-industrial complex in Kingston.

The teach-in will be followed by a demonstration against the prison industrial complex, likely launching around 12:30pm. We will be sharing our proposal for an immediate action, discussing logistics with those in attendance, and then taking to the streets!

Bring noisemakers, banners, signs and/or sign-making materials, and dress for the weather!

For more information, contact us or visit us at https://endthepic.wordpress.com/
More information on #occupykingston: https://occupykingston.wordpress.com/

See you Monday!!!